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CP12 CP12
I watched Corvette Summer | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/13
Posted: 02/16/13
06:12 AM

I have a 2008 Z-06. Being that the car was built for the track, they didn't put the most comfortable seats for cruising in the car. Can regular Vette seat tracks, with say the 12 way seats, or whatever, be installed the place of mine? In other words, I want to use my Original Z-06 seat covers, to maintain originality, with new power lumber, etc seats. Is there something out there that will accomplish this? thanks.  

waynep71222 waynep71222
Duntov Incarnate | Posts: 241 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 02/16/13
12:17 PM

thats a hard question to answer over the internet..

as we cannot see your car or how the seats were installed/?? if not original GM supplied seats..

one warning... the corvette seats also use a computer to control their position when different key fobs are used to unlock the car.. this might be a feature..  that might prevent you from adjusting the seats once installed if the electronics were removed..

please look for the power seat section of your factory service manual and have a look at whats left of your original..

since race seats usually have slip on covers.. you might be able to have some upholstery shop create some covers with additional padding..  but it might move you out of a driving position

i met a guy with an offroad truck that had his seats mounted on what looked to be valve springs..    floor pan.  spring.. seat leg  spring..     he did have some straps to hold it in position that were under the lower spring bolted to the floor and went to the top of the next seat leg...

so the seat could move up and down.. but not wobble on the springs..  

BobsChevy1047 BobsChevy1047
I watched Corvette Summer | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/13
Posted: 02/18/13
07:31 PM

CP12 welcome aboard:

  I'm wondering if the 2002 Z06 seats would handle that job for you. (Would they fit)? Here is why I say that. (No disrespect to my brother) "He can work with Corian, Granite, Marble etc." He bought the Z06 because he liked it. As far as mechanical work he pays throgh the nose... He lives in Florida, I live in Mass.

  My brother bought  a brand new 2002 Z06 and that was one of the creature/features. The seats, and how they remembered each person... We ran that car hard at Daytona back in 2003 early Dec.2003. The club he belonged to had a day at Daytona. I use to go down for the "Turkey Rod Run" I almost got the Z06 to the speed GM said it could GO....I set the car up to the video that came with the car. My brother was concerned about a tire blowing out. If it happened, I told him just hang on...I went a 171 MPH with that car. He did listen to me, when I told him not to get the Convertible, at that speed the tops would have left...
  I was the pilot, and the seats were programmed for him, his wife, or me. Just don't forget your number. I got in it one day and his wife is 4'10". I couldn't get my arrzz between the seat and steering wheel.
  Now we installed the 6 way racing belts. It didn't change the way the seats were set though. We used the same holes that the factory drilled for the racing seats. It's a Corvette and it's a sports car. So room is very tight. But once you have made all the adjustments, it was a custom seat. If this helps you I'm going by memory. The seats were a Racing Style seat, they were Red/Gray Z06 Logo on the the seat back. Where the belt harness went through,  and as comfortible as you can imagine.
  At speed the car was on rails. I used the video to set it up. That was it. There were other Z06, C-4 and C-6. Not (1) person knew there was any videos supplied with their Vette's. I would never have run that hard if there wasn't a way to set the Caster,Camber, coil over Billstiens etc. I joke about it, but it is NO JOKE! I could not be a passenger either, when someone is driving at those speeds. I told friends he is still studdering...LOL...

  I would pull the seats out and see what is there. Who knows what GM engineers *** I just read their moving the Bolling Green assembly plant.

Bob aka-pepsi1